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What's up ?

Free parameters in the generation of reports

11 Jul 2010

The report engine is enriched by the possibility of creating parameters freely.

We aim, in OpenFlyers, is to let our customers the opportunity to shape the application according to their own needs. It is this objective that fits the report generator, unique and practical tool.

Now you can freely create as many parameters as you want and which will thus give you the capability to deal with more powerful reports.

Moreover parameters that can be created are of two types:

    "generic" parameters (number, date,etc.)
    database parameters which represent an element in the database (user, aircraft, etc.)

This feature thus allows the administrator to create report types even more powerful and to the end user to generate reports for individual items (aircraft, user, etc..) and even mix parameters (obtain list of flights to a particular user on a given aircraft between such date and such date).

The documentation is online on the English wiki.