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Reservation Software for driving school and bike school

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  • Driving school (FR) Driving school
    Driving school (FR)
  • Motorbike school (FR) Driving school
    Motorbike school (FR)
  • Payment at booking (FR) Driving school
    Payment at booking (FR)
Booking Driving school (RAE) simplifies and secures the management of the activities of a driving school. Students enrolled in the driving school can make the booking of their driving hours on a schedule online and make payment by credit card, the Internet also. Managers earn well off and their activity, safe.

Online booking schedule

The management software for RAE driving school provides driving schools specific services to use based on the needs of each structure. A driving school has three common types of users : manager, teacher, student.

Students and managers can always view the schedule of the driving school, and thus see the battlements and teachers available. This driving school reservation system is based on a collaborative operation.

The confidentiality of each student is assured to the extent that reservations of the other students are anonymous on-line planning of the driving school. Names, however, are visible by the operator. It is also possible to anonymize teachers so that students can not know in advance their teacher.

Driving school online booking schedule

Validation of the reservation after payment by credit card

Online payment allows students to the driving school to book their driving lessons on the schedule. As such, RAE is an online sales platform for driving school. The reservation is not final until payment online by credit card. Payments by check or cash are also possible. With this mode , the platform is setting for payments by check or cash only be grasped by a manager , usually on the premises of the driving school and at the time of booking.

Online payment for driving school bookings

Activity types

Activity types on driving school booking schedule

Driving lessons

Car for driving instruction mobilize a teacher and a student. For hours of driving motorcycle , activity mobilizes a teacher, a motorcycle and a student. A teacher can manage several students and several bikes at once.

Setting up

The manager of a driving school may be distinguished on the online booking schedule, opportunities for the establishment of driving hours, these hours themselves. For example, a trainer may need to set for an entire half day a starting point in a neighborhood of the city. Time to get to this district is the time to set up.


The teacher passed the examinations during a period . It is therefore not available for hours of driving. It is possible to indicate the name of students in examinations.

Other types

For example, the demonstration platform presents a case of driving school instructors give lessons motorcycle in another setting . It is therefore not available for hours of driving.

Place of departure

Driving school to booking schedule shows the care places, so the location of vehicles. There are two modes of operation.

Car location for driving school booking

Defined by the Manager

The first is represented in the demonstration platform: for a given period (half day, day, etc.), the manager defines one or more locations for the start of driving hours. For example: if the place "station" has been defined, it will not be possible to be supported at the gym. The manager defines for each student the support sites allowed. It is therefore necessary - in the period - the place of departure of driving hours permitted matches instead of support for the student. It is only in this case that the reservation is pensionable .

Defined by the student

The second mode of operation allows the student to set freely by driving time, place of departure.

Number and duration of bookings

The driving school sets the number of reservations that a student can perform in a given period. For example: maximum three week bookings. The term can also be configured according to user profiles : one hour or two hours or less, for example.

Limit time to book

It is possible to set a limit above which a booking can not be done the day before a working day . Thus, on the platform demo driving school, it is not possible for a student to make a reservation after 19 hours the next day.


When a slot is already reserved and another student is interested, it can be placed in a waiting list and recover the time slot when the first student canceled.

Surbooking on driving school booking schedule

Cancellation of reservations

The driving school defines the hourly limit beyond which a booking can no longer be canceled. For example: 48 hours.