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Reminder on statistics and the closing of accounts

13 Jan 2016

ReservationAutoEcole allows you to generate year-end statistics. For this you can find in the literature a page dedicated to help in establishing your statistics :

Rappel sur les statistiques et la clôture de la comptabilité

This page contains a particular aid for French associations affiliated to a federation and have to go through Aeral input tool. This assistance is in the chapter " Aeral Statistics" .

Regarding accounting, we wrote a procedure that lists actions to take to close properly accounting of its structure :

This procedure in particular requires setting to 0 of the operating accounts. For this we have created a module entitled "Solder accounts" that can make this easier :

Know that in early February, if your exercise was not completed, you will see an alert appear stating " The current financial year has more than a year." This alert is programmed to appear when the current year is more than 400 days :