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What's up ?

Some news about OpenFlyers

28 Oct 2008

Here are some informations about OpenFlyers software and its team.
About the OpenFlyers software

We are about to finish the version 2.0. There are still remaining some minor remaining bugs that we should correct in the next weeks.

The version 2.0 is no more completely free: it's a semi-free software to prevent a competitor to provide the software at half price without having to pay the development costs. This change is justified by the following explanations.

Change in the OpenFlyers team

We decided to move from an association to a limited corporate. A lot of reasons drive us to this choice. Here are some of them:

    since 1 year we have hired one employee to support the functionality of OpenFlyers. But our resources are limited in providing a reasonable compensation. But the employee is indispensable to keep the operation and to improve our service. The structure of a company enables us to obtain more resources and plan longer-term development.

    5 years ago, when we created the OpenFlyers association, we had 2 goals in mind: to create a solution requested by flight clubs and to federate around us to get help from flight clubs people. 5 years later, the first goal is achieved: flight clubs are satisfied of the software. But the second goal is a fail: we had some "times to times" help but no real movement enabling to share the work and to reduce the time spent by the team.
    OpenFlyers 2.0 added lots of functionalities for the flight clubs and we think that it is beneficial for both sides with a real customer/supplier relationship.

We have identified many areas for continuous improvement in future, and we hope that you will be satisfied with our service.